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Representative Ronnie C. Crudup Jr. was born and raised in Jackson, MS. He is a graduate of Murrah High School and Belhaven University. A committed family man; Ronnie is married to Andrea Crudup and together they have 3 beautiful children. Ronnie and his family reside and work in South Jackson where he is Executive Director of New Horizon Ministries, Inc., but he does so much more for his community. He has been on numerous boards and advisory councils in the city of Jackson. Ronnie’s main concern is about the well-being of residents in Jackson and the entire state of Mississippi.


Representative Crudup has been involved in affordable homeownership for almost a decade. He and his organization have been helping families to become homeowners through creative measures. Most of the families who are helped normally would not get a chance to own their own home and land. Representative Crudup was also responsible for reopening the Hertz Swimming pool on Terry Rd through a private partnership with a local company. He is also responsible for organizing the transformation of the Sykes Park on Cooper Rd in South Jackson.


Ronnie Crudup Jr. won the Mississippi House of Representative seat in March of 2019 in a special election. His district covers the eastern half of South Jackson and portion of Byram. He recently won his re-election bid in August of the same year. 


Representative Crudup loves to run, swim and travel in his free time. He has run three full marathons and a number of other races. He believes that God has created us all with unique gifts and talents to be used for bettering the world.

“It takes commitment, sacrifice and dedication to be an effective leader. Ronnie Crudup, Jr. embodies these things and more.
I am extremely proud of the work that you have done. Keep going!”

— A'ndrea Crudup, wife of Ronnie Crudup, Jr.

“Having the support of family and community motivates me to continue serving. I thank everyone who has supported me thus far.”

— Ronnie Crudup, Jr.

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