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Secure more funding for roads and bridges in Hinds County and across the state of Mississippi

& Better Roads 

Increase minimum wage, tax incentives for small & locally owned businesses &
re-examine the
right-to-work model

Economic Development
& Job Creation

Affordable Housing &
Blight Removal

Home ownership and equitable lending practices for low to moderate income families; and stiffer penalties for owners of blighted properties

Train law enforcement for best policing practices, reform police procedures, reform the bail system & reinstate voting rights for people who have served their time

Public Safety &
Criminal Justice Reform

Adequate & equitable funding, increase teacher pay & eliminate excessive state testing

Quality Education 


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Ronnie Crudup Jr. Wins Special Election for South Jackson House Seat

JACKSON — Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn called Ronnie Crudup, Jr. Tuesday evening to congratulate him on his victory after voters in south Jackson elected the local activist to fill a vacated seat in the House of Representatives. Within hours, Crudup sat in the Republican speaker's front-row seat on the House floor this morning, already wearing the pin House members customarily wear.

"Today, we are privileged to have with us Ronnie Crudup Jr., who won that election yesterday on the first go-round," Gunn said Wednesday morning. "Congratulations, we're glad to have you here."

Crudup won 63 percent of the vote in Hinds County's House District 71 race, defeating opponents Edelia J. Carthan and Stephanie Skipper. Former Democratic Rep. Adrienne Wooten vacated the seat after she won a circuit-judge position last year.

The House's newest addition is not officially a member of the legislative body yet, though. First, Hinds County must certify the election results to the secretary of state's office. 


New Horizon Ministries Maintains City Pool for
Sake of South Jackson children

For the past two years, entrances to the city pool on Terry Road in south Jacksonwere chained and locked. "Pool Closed Keep Out" read the yellow signs with bold red writing attached to the fence. 

That scene changed on Monday when a pool in desperate need of repair reopened under a private-public partnership between the city of Jackson and New Horizon Ministries.

Small children could be seen splashing about while older kids raced and played in the deep end under the watchful eye of lifeguards and parents.

"The reason we approached the city about taking responsibility for this pool on Terry Road is we have swum there ourselves," said New Horizon Ministries Executive Director Ronnie Crudup Jr. "We’ve used this place for a number of years. Last year the city did not use it and we wanted to make sure the kids of this area, not only the kids of our summer programs, had an adequate place to swim."

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